Yes Mum, I am looking after myself. Sort of.

It finally happened. I got sick. Apparently a diet largely consisting of fried meat, carbohydrates and alcohol combined with a complete aversion to exercise is bad for you. Huh. To give you an idea of my ailment, currently my tonsils look as though they’ve been shot by a tiny paintball gun and the only colour bullets they had were yellow. Overshare? Sorry. I just need a bit of sympathy cause really, if you’re going to get anything out of being sick it may as well be pity. That and an excuse to watch a lot of really bad television. The whole getting sick thing is a bit of a wake up call really as to how different my lifestyle here is.

This was basically the situation back home in Auckland:

Exercise sessions = 5 per week

Home cooked meals = 4-5 per week minimum

Dessert = A treat

Drinking nights = 2 per week (generally)

Here is the Saigon situation:

Exercise sessions = One yoga class in the last three months

Home cooked meals = 0. Ever.

Dessert = Why not.

Drinking nights = As the ever eloquent Shakira put it- Whenever, wherever.

I blame external factors naturally. Firstly, it’s too damn hot to exercise outside, not to mention the fact that you’re probably going to do more damage than good to your lungs in the pollution. Add to that the risk of being ploughed over by a hundred motorbikes and the prospect of going for a morning jog really doesn’t appeal.

Secondly, it is actually more expensive to cook your own meals here than it is to have an amazing dish cooked fresh for you on the street, in a restaurant or even delivered hot to your door. Seriously has a lot to answer for. I am addicted to this site (as I’m sure a lot of expats here are). I think I may have mentioned it before. Basically you browse a list of pretty much every restaurant you can think of in the city, click what you want and it arrives in around 30-45 mins, usually at little to no more cost that it would be to go to the restaurant and order yourself (like a chump!). Auckland needs this service.

So yes, no home cooked meals which has meant that the fresh vegetable intake has significantly decreased. Although I have managed to find some vaguely healthy items amongst the other tempting treats on This has been especially helpful during the last few days where I have looked and felt like the living dead making it somewhat inappropriate to be amongst people. I made the mistake of going down the road yesterday for some juice. Take my advice- if you have a fever and feel a little dizzy do NOT attempt to cross the road here.

So there it is in black and white. Not exactly a picture of health but hey, it’s different and that’s why Tom and I moved here. We wanted a different lifestyle and that’s what we got. I think I may have to cave and find a gym at some point though because as much as I like change, I was fine with the size of my waist back home.

In other news, I celebrated a birthday last week and had the most incredibly indulgent day in the city (I know, shocker right?). In the next post I’ll tell you where to get THE best mani/pedi/massage experience, sky high cocktails and Western breakfast here in Saigon.

Till then, it’s soup, coconut water and bed rest (aka watching the first season of my new fave show- Girls) for me – staying Saigon sensible, one delivery at a time.

2 thoughts on “Yes Mum, I am looking after myself. Sort of.

  1. I felt like I was losing weight here in Hanoi until I got my motorbike. Now it’s like “well, it’s 40 degrees today so I think I’m going to ride my scooter half a block to get bread, so I don’t have to reapply my makeup.” Makes sense!

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