Grains are good for you (yes, even the photographic kind)

Found a bunch of photos that have been sitting on our phones for a while. As the title implies, the quality isn’t so great but some good memories to be shared.

Here’s Tom all geared up for a trip to work during a typical mid-arvo downpour:


And here is the captivating view from our first home during said downpour:

2013-05-15 12.49.56

And now for something completely different….the view from our resort room (aka mini cottage) in Hoi An – thanks Mum and Dad!

2013-05-31 07.51.48

Here’s the beach we had (practically) to ourselves every morning during our stay. Life is tough.

2013-06-01 08.45.16

Another change of scene for you. This was one of our first impressions of Cambodia in Phnom Penh – pink loo paper. Seriously, it’s everywhere. Slightly disconcerting when it’s wet.

photo (1)

Me delighted with the plethora of tasty Cambodian dishes on our table. The salad was amazing. Still managed a banana shake after all this somehow…


Here we are in another downpour…turns out it’s not only HCMC that gets em. Tom’s admiring the scene from a local beer joint in the middle of Phnom Penh. It took them around ten minutes to get the beer (that we could see a few metres away) actually onto our table but it was worth it- Angkor is a pretty nice brew.

2013-06-06 16.56.30

Here’s the view of the river front from the FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club) in Phnom Penh. This was taken quite late at night but the sky is being lit by lightning. Incredible to watch. 

photo (3)

Once happy hour at the FCC ended we ducked across the road for the next one (you can see the FCC logo). This was potentially the best cocktail I’ve ever tasted- lemongrass and ginger martini. Nom. photo (4)

Back in Ho Chi Minh – note to self, buy the ‘small’ size when ordering hot chocolate at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf…

photo (6)

This was taken at Tokyo town, a really delicious and reasonably priced Japanese restaurant in District 3. Tom’s trying the interesting dessert – kakigori (kind of like shaved ice). We tried the green tea and mango flavours. Again, nom and also incredibly large.

photo (5)

photo (8) photo (7)

This place made us laugh. It’s HUUUGE. I reckon it could seat around 500 people and there were more rooms we didn’t get to see. The funny thing is that even though the restaurant was only about a quarter full when we went, they still had around fifty staff members milling about. Most Vietnamese shops and restaurants seem to have more staff than customers but this is the most extreme example we’ve encountered. It made for a somewhat awkward exit as we made our way through two lines of people that stretched the distance from our table to the door, all watching us and thanking us. Felt like we were walking the red carpet or something. Weird.

The other slightly odd thing was that on our receipt it had “No. of natives: 0. No. of foreigners: 2”. Never seen that before!

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