While we were sleeping…

On a bit of a downer this week as I’ve picked up another bug (the perks of working with snotty children and other teachers who nourish themselves on a hearty diet of beer, coffee with condensed milk and sandwiches). Also, while we were sleeping the other night, some terrible people robbed us…through barred windows…on the second floor. I know. People here certainly are resourceful.

Turns out that they had scaled the wall (somehow) and popped open our windows, reached through and taken my phone from beside my head. I couldn’t quite believe it when I miraculously woke up for work without my alarm (thank god) and had to search around for the damn thing when I vividly remembered putting it on the charger as I went to bed. The giveaway was that a window that had previously been shut was open and the charger cord was now wrapped around a bar in the window (presumably so that it didn’t make a sound after they’d removed the phone on the end of it).

To be honest, I will not miss the phone. After having my iPhone pinched I went for a Samsung cheapy. Note to self…cheap smart phones are not smart. They are slow and stupid and I hate them. So the burglers did me in a favour in that respect. I am now the proud owner of a little Nokia job with that sweet signature ringtone, a black and white screen and not much else. I’m looking forward to dropping it all the time without having a small heart attack and only having to charge it once every ten years. Ooh and it has snake! Winning.

However, I was not the only victim of this crime. Unfortunately, one of our flatmates had his phone and laptop taken. We now live in the same house as some of Tom’s students and they are the kindest, most generous and hardworking people you will meet (they also cook mean food). Being a student and losing your laptop full of work is probably the worst thing to happen aside from there being a beer shortage. Actually, to be fair, the students here don’t really drink a lot (too busy actually putting in effort?!) so it’s a really shitty situation for our poor friend.

The cops came over to investigate but apparently there isn’t a lot they can do so we’ve (i.e. Tom has) taken matters into our own hands and wired the windows shut. It’s strange that a couple of weeks ago we were complaining about the bars over the windows as they’re a bit of a fire hazard but now we can at least see the logic behind them.

So creepy to think that the intruders were just centimetres away from me when it happened but I have to say that I’m glad I slept through it. Not sure how I would feel if I had actually seen them. Like the bag snatching post, I hope that this will be a good reminder for other expats to keep your wits about you here in Saigon- there are some anti-social climbers about!

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