Border cruising from Laos to Thailand

To cross the border from Laos into Thailand we chose to be high rollers and cruise there. We’d heard stories of how the public boats are filled until there are people squashed into the engine room and as the journey takes two full days we reckoned a splurge was justified. We were right – this is so the way to travel.

We stopped at the popular Pakhou caves on the way.

Locals leave a buddha statue when they visit in the hopes that when others come to worship, their buddha will bring them good luck. 

The various poses mean different things. For example, the buddhas with both palms facing flat in front symbolise peace meaning that the person who left the statue wanted to bring peace to their family. According to our guide, there are many that symbolise obedience (i.e. the families that left them want their children to behave!).

The food on board was a-maz-ing. Best spring rolls we’ve had in a long time on the left there.

And we saw elephants!

Here is the tiny town we stayed in overnight on our way. It’s called Pakbeng and is literally a street of guesthouses, restaurants and mini marts. They don’t turn on the electricity until sundown.  

Sweet restaurant.

Chesdale has made it to Pakbeng.

Setting off early in the morning for our second day of cruising. 

Later that day we stopped at a local hill tribe village. 

Pants are optional.

Fact: the more you travel, the more stuff accumulates on your wrists. 

We made it! Here’s our first glimpse of Thailand.

The tour company we used was Shompoo cruise, a happy medium between the dirt cheap public boats and the ludicrously overpriced luxury cruises. Fully recommend it- the photos don’t do the scenery of the Mekong justice!

2 thoughts on “Border cruising from Laos to Thailand

  1. Looks amazing, I’ll definitely have to add that to my list! And while the photos may not do justice, you’ve captured things well enough that I’m still impressed by the scenes and wanna go right now!

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