Onwards and upwards

I am writing this hours before we set off on our next adventure. I had planned to do a handy no nonsense guide to getting a UK visa if you’re a kiwi but that will have to wait cause the time is nigh for getting nostalgic and emo. Sorry.

So as of this afternoon, Tom and I are jetting off to London where we plan to live for the next couple of years. This kind of OE is something that kiwis usually do when they’re fresh out of high school or uni, keen to take any job and drink the town dry. Tom and I on the other hand are knocking on the door of our late twenties and through the next room our thirties are lurking so there’s a bit of pressure to continue with our careers…although we are from New Zealand so the part about drinking the town dry still rings true I guess.

I’m not sure how I’m feeling right now. Excitement is disguised in a big cloak of nerves, anxiety and partial guilt for leaving my poor Mum behind but I know that once we’re on the plane (and a G&T down) that the ‘yippee!’ feeling will kick in.

We have had such an amazing time this summer celebrating Christmas, festivals and weddings with friends and family. I feel so lucky to have so many awesome people in my life and because they pretty much all live in New Zealand, leaving is not easy. We didn’t have a farewell party because I am pretty over saying the G word. It’s so final, I don’t like it. So it’s ta ta for now to all the lovely people in our lives here in NZ. Promise we won’t forget that we come from the best country in the world and pinky promise (the highest level of promise you can get) we will come home.

In terms of this blog, from here on in will be more travel stories and general banter about life in London for a couple of kiwis (tres original I know but hopefully relatable and useful!)

TTFN NZ!!!  (and TGFS – thank God for Skype)


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