Departures and Arrivals

Day three in London and my brain is still catching up with my body (which is still somewhere in space between NZ and London time) so excuse any typos or rambling.

Leaving New Zealand was quite emotional and I was feeling a little fragile so what better way to ease my nerves than with alcohol?! Tom and I decided to buy a day pass to the Koru lounge and ply ourselves with booze while we waited for our connecting flight. It was glorious.

The flight was uneventful which is always a good thing and somehow we both managed to sleep quite well (wonder why).

The hard part came when we didn’t have a nice plane holding onto our luggage for us. Let me tell you, carrying an overfilled backpack, bursting at the seams suitcase, two borderline overweight carry on bags, laptop bag (with two computers in) and a handbag SUCKS when first arriving on the other side of the world.

Thankfully it was made a little easier by the fact that Londoners aren’t as scary as people make out. I had practiced my resting bitch face for the tube and everything. Not necessary it turns out as plenty of people gave us sympathetic smiles and didn’t get grumpy when we got in the way. We even had people stop to ask if we needed help with directions and  they didn’t mug us – yay!

Speaking of the tube – when does “Cockfosters” stop being funny when you hear it over the loud speakers? I hope never.

Once we were settled in to our temporary home with our lovely friends who are putting us up we were determined to stay awake till a reasonable London bed time. This required all our strength but was aided greatly by supermarket pizza (much better than you’d think!) and Dairy milk ‘Magnum’ type ice creams (amazing).

I felt like a mother of a new born waking up the next morning and finding that we’d both slept through the night – hooray! So far jet lag hasn’t hit us too hard but our brains seem to check out past 10pm and sleeping on the tube is very tempting.

Anything else worthy of reporting? Well I have already had a couple of pub meals (naturally) and found that my long black is now going to have to be an Americano but aside from that our experiences of the city are a bit limited. I do see that the sun is shining today and the outside temperature may reach above the point where I can take at least one layer off so better get out there and explore!


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