Noob in the big city

It’s been two weeks since we landed in the big smoke (quite literally as all these pollution news stories have been pointing out lately) and I’m loving it…despite feeling like a complete and utter noob most of the time.

Case and point – I thanked a random man on the bus for driving because he was wearing a certain type of hat and of a certain build. Turns out that I may be suffering from jetlag and overexposure to British stereotypes – this guy was merely sitting at the front of a double decker bus…I now realise that the drivers operate the vehicle from the lower deck. Shame.

Another rookie mistake I made was assuming that it’s normal to smile or say Good Morning to others on my daily (not really) run. So far I’ve received a plethora of puzzled looks, a few scowls and one smile today from a man walking his dog – I could have hugged him.

The worst noob moment I’ve had however, came after my first day of work. After patting myself on the back for getting on the right tube line to go home, it was mildly gut wrenching to realise that in all the madness of peak hour public transport in London I’d dropped my oyster card – freshly loaded with the standard 1,000,000 pounds required for a weekly pass. Ok, I’m exaggerating but seriously it is expensive as hell to ride on these trains. At least you get the pleasure of being breathed on and shoved out of the way by British gents…

On a more positive note though, London is actually a great place as far as I can tell. The groceries are cheap, parks are pretty much exclusively for boozing in and nine times out of ten ‘Come dine with me’ will be on when you switch on the telly. Oooh and the squirrels! They’re everywhere! Just bouncing around and being cute and stuff, it’s awesome.

I can’t help but feel like there is so much to see in this city that I don’t know where to start. So on that note, we’re off to Liverpool for the bank holiday weekend. Sorry London, I promise I will explore you soon but for now, it’s time to party at the Cavern club and hang out on Penny Lane! Promise the next post will actually include photos and relevant travel advice.



PS: This is scarily accurate:

2 thoughts on “Noob in the big city

  1. Excellent post.. Definitely sounds like London! ha.. Liverpool is a fantastic city (am a scouse girl myself so a bit biased!) and the people will smile/say hello back up there- promise! 😉 Enjoy your weekend up there, Sarah xx

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