Scouse is grouse! (Read: Liverpool is great!)

The weekend just gone was a bank holiday (public holiday) weekend in the UK so we decided to have a mini break in Liverpool with the mates who we’re staying with. It’s only a two hour train ride from London and because our train left at stupid o’clock in the morning there was no queue at the Harry Potter photo op in Kings Cross station. So much yay.


We decided to make it a champagne breakfast considering none of us had to drive but downgraded to Cava when faced with the price option. It’s like Lindauer for Europeans, nom.

Upon arrival we had some time to kill before check in and it was a good thing too because we found – CENTRAL FREAKIN PERK!


What’s more is they actually screen Friends non stop in the place!


Here’s us breaking out classic one liners and super witty chat.


Tom getting excited (or at least feigning interest) over the autographs.


Only in a city like Liverpool would a tacky, random and lets face it, incredibly dated cafe still manage to drum up business – I instantly took a shine to it.

We stayed in Premier Apartments which were spacious and clean with everything you’d need to cook for yourselves if you’re that way inclined – turns out we weren’t but it was nice to have the option! They’re also really handy to the city and when in Liverpool this is definitely a good thing. Coming from London it was such a treat to be able to walk everywhere!

Here’s some pics of the view from our lounge. The city has a really old look about it and beautiful architecture.


Oh aside from the heinously retro radio city tower that sticks out like a chin pimple on the cityscape.


The greatest building in the city in my opinion is the Liverpool Cathedral. If you believe Trip Advisor reviews then the library is number 1 but although it’s impressive, I think the Cathedral is more impressive. You can pay to go up the top but we found it was incredible enough just looking around inside the thing. I love the way it looms over the city and almost seems a little sinister.


I don’t like the idea of taking photos inside religious spaces so therein lies the photographic evidence but trust me, it’s pretty amazing. Apparently it’s one of the biggest (if not the biggest) Cathedrals in the UK – and that’s saying something.

Probably the best way to experience Liverpool is to explore when the sun goes down. There is such a massive nightlife in the city that is quite surprising and really fun.  I blame that for the lack of photos from the rest of the trip, although we did manage to get some obligatory shots from inside the Cavern Club (no night time photos as dancing was the priority here!).


It feels (and looks) like a dungeon.


Moments before being told to get off the stage…


We didn’t wholeheartedly agree with the suggested tourist activities listed online so thought I’d put together some do’s and don’ts if you’re ever in the land of the Scouse (a meal which we didn’t have by the way but is a type of stew I gather as well as being the slang term for Liverpudlian folk).

Things to do in Liverpool 

The Cavern Club: it is still a genuinely awesome place to watch live music and boogie – you can totally feel the legacy of awesomeness that has been on that stage.
The Cavern Pub: across the road from the club, this is a more spacious, less cave like version of the club. More great live music found here.
The Liverpool Cathedral: for reasons listed above.
The Beatles Story: potentially the only Beatles tourist attraction worth checking out. There are reconstructions of the Cavern club, Abbey road recording studio and heaps of other iconic locations from the fab four’s rise to fame. Also an amazing collection of merchandise including (my favourite item) a set of Russian matryoshka dolls (Ringo inside George, inside Paul inside John if you get me).
Sunday roast at The Shipping Forecast: just delicious along with pretty much everything else on the menu (we went back for seconds and thirds).
The Liverpool Museum: free and has an awesome pop culture/music section complete with Beatles show.
Drink at the Ship and Mitre: a great traditional,cosy English pub.
Stroll along Albert dock: and get an icecream even if it’s cold (it will be).
The library: still undecided if this should be on here but it’s impressive from the outside at least.
Have a hens do: seriously, the ratio of hens to regular punters must have been about 10:1. Pink feathers and penis straws lined the streets on Sunday morning.

And what to skip

The dodgy bars around Mathew st: the ones with sketchy men promising free shots on entry.
The 4D experience that you get with your Beatles Story ticket: it sucks big time and is really far from the actual Beatles Story location. Although there was an interesting photograph collection in the building that is worth a look.
The Hub: an alehouse close to Albert dock that looks nice but has bland and overpriced food.
Penny Lane: just a lane.
Strawberry Fields: just a sign.
Any of the Beatles’ childhood houses: just houses.

Thankfully we didn’t need to venture out to the less than impressive Beatle’s attractions as mates of ours took the bullet(s) for us. Cheers guys!

So in summary, Liverpool is a surprisingly buzzing little city that is totally accessible and a great time…just be prepared to detox afterwards.

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